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We can arrange marketing services...getting your site found online... for any budget. In some states our rates start at $19.00 a year. We do accept credit cards. If you want to know more about our other services please fill out the form below. One of our sales professionals will be in touch. We do NOT use high-pressure tactics or approaches. There is no hassle, no obligation. Our goal is simply to educate you. If we do that correctly we know you will join our Network. Thanks, in advance.
Bill Hall, CEO, Visitors Network
At our advertising rates just one or two bookings a year will cover the cost of your advertising with us for one full year. The rest is "gravy". Where can you really get a better deal than that?
We usually respond by e-mail or by telephone. We do not have any print material as we are strictly an Internet Advertising Agency. We will neither give nor sell your information to anybody, ever.
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