Lancaster County Democratic Committee

Feb 28, 2017     

LCDC Rapid Response Team (RRT) Update
Scared, upset, angry, outraged, frustrated, exhausted, etc... and Trump has been President for just over a month. 

Want to do something concrete and effective?  Join one or more of our Rapid Response Teams (RRT).

We have 8 RRTs.  Each focuses on an area of concern: Ethics/Conflicts of Interest, Environment/Climate, Education, Women's Rights, ACA/Obamacare, Gerrymandering/Redistricting, Local/State Gov/Economics, Immigration/Civil Rights.

Over 300 Democrats have already gotten involved with one or more of these RRTs.  They have met, planned, and organized several forums and email/phone campaigns.  They are cooperating with local grassroots activists to enhance each other's efforts.

If you haven't done so already:
Click Here to record on our Google Form your interest in becoming more active.
Click Here  even if you do not want to join an RRT. 
The Google Form is how you get on our email list so we can inform you of activities you may want to support.  Each individual RRT you join will inform you of their next meeting and ways you can help with their specific planning. 

Questions?  Contact Ken Ralph - 717-291-9933